Friday 27 January 2023

And because the services doesn’t stop at just transfer function already act our owned modern storage facilities at the crossroads of Aspropyrgos (exit 4 - Attiki Odos).

We provide complete solutions for storage and freight management majors. Specifically we offer:

  • 2.500m2 facilities.

  • 7.000m2 open spaces for cross docking.

  • Transportation, storage and distribution at third part logistics

  • The most modern security and automation systems.

  • Permanent guardian k remote monitoring facilities

  • Storage to shelves or not depending on the needs of each client.

  • Full insurance coverage for facilities and the merchandise.

αποθηκες λουκας

αποθηκες λουκας ασπροπυργος


The LOUKAS IME - Ltd. offers IT support of modern WMS, which provides information inventory items, statistics, spatial information product placement, order picking, issuing receipts and daily pricing, labeling and use of scanners.

It is equally possible on line connecting the pits with our WMS.


Even in Thessaloniki, operates storage for immediate service of North Greece.







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