Friday 27 January 2023

The LOUKAS IME - Ltd. covers with own vehicles throughout Greece, from edge to edge.

We offer a variety of dimensions k capacity vehicles that can seamlessly meet the needs of our customers.

More specifically, we have :

    • Single trucks
    • Tractors
    • Ride
    • Sliding
    • Van
    • Refrigerators


Enabling the delivery of goods within 24 hours in the urban centers of the Greek territory, while in 48 hours will transfer your products to every remote part of the region and the island of the country.

For the province, we also form, excellent distribution network with selected partners to respond rapidly, providing our customers with reduced costs of transport services always in combination with the high quality work.


We carry a full load for the entire country received from the facilities of our customers and for a delivery point or loads to be distributed from various senders with more than one recipient.


Our vehicles are equipped with all new technologies, environmentally friendly and have been traveling to each insured risk.








Our warehouses



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